Leadership Development 


In a world of growing complexity, leadership continues to evolve in nuance. Leaders are increasingly called upon to work in new, creative and daring ways to create sustainable solutions to complex challenges. It is within this terrain that I work with you to bring intention, purpose and clarity to your leadership so that you can excel in your leadership endeavours and mobilise others around your purpose. Through one-on-one coaching, group facilitation, skill development, capacity building and reflection,  I will help you to expand your leadership toolbox, develop your leadership presence and maximise your potential as a leader in your field.​​

Please consider the following menu items from my leadership offering:

Defining Your Leadership

Journey through a series of interactive and introspective exercises designed and carefully facilitated to allow you to discover and define your leadership commitment. 

Courageous Leadership

Discover and unearth what's secretly holding you back in your leadership so that you can make better progress on the objectives and issues that you care about most.  

Navigating Complexity

In a rapidly changing professional, social and technological world, complexity continues to grow. This experiential workshop empowers participants with skills, knowledge and mindsets to better embrace these complexities in order to thrive and collaborate. 

The Art of Facilitation

Become an artist as you learn to skilfully design, hold space and walk others through all types of gatherings, thereby enjoying the beauty and magic that emerges when people gather.

Listening: A Gateway to Collaboration and Innovation

Silence and stillness are great leadership assets. Refine these tools as you build your muscle for deep, intentional listening and tap into the wisdom of people and places around you. 

Master Your Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Enjoy hands-on coaching and training as you develop your presence and grow your confidence to become a master public speaker and storyteller. 

Pitching is a prized moment to invite others into your world of creativity and opportunity. Get intentional, clear and confident about your pitch, enjoy hands-on coaching and engage your audience in your world of possibility. 

Understanding and Leveraging Group Dynamics

Become curious about the details and factors that affect how people show up and interact in groups so that you can maximise the safety, health and performance of your team. 

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Perhaps more than ever, leaders today are required to create workplaces that nourish staff and promote a healthy work-life approach. Learn about the principles of wellbeing in the workplace and ​learn new ways to care for yourself and others amid rising levels of stress.

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I am a certified Consultant of The Leadership Circle® and work with leaders, like you, who seek holistic assessment of their leadership effectiveness with a view to improving performance outcomes. Dovetailing into a structured pathway for coaching and leadership development, I work with you to establish your path as you navigate the growing complexities of leadership in today's climate.

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