Counselling & Psychotherapy 


I humbly honour the privilege that it is to accompany you through your process of healing and self discovery. I work with diligence and skill to create a safe and brave space that allows you to work through the various chapters of your life. Whilst encouraging you to embrace your authenticity and vulnerability, I support you to sharpen your awareness, bring expression to your internal world and strengthen the alignment between your values, ambitions and actions. I have long found merit in the examined life and thus work with you to create - or recreate - a life of meaning, purpose and connection.

Individual Therapy

A safe and brave space for you to work through significant chapters of emotional pain and suffering with a view to re-authoring your story for a meaning-filled and purpose-inspired tomorrow. 

Relationship Counselling

An 'experiential laboratory' for those in relationships of all variations to learn and explore new ways of strengthening your relationship and generating intimacy and connection. I support you to learn the language of vulnerability and to create a fulfilling relationship that will allow you to grow and prosper.  

Group Therapy

Examine and explore your interpersonal relationships through live feedback and the collective wisdom of others as you fortify your capacity for connection and intimacy. Group therapy is also available for those working through loss and those working through addiction recovery.  Group therapy is available to groups of 8 people and more.

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If you are experiencing any of the following,

I welcome the opportunity to work with you

through your journey towards healing and growth:




Feeling stuck

Trauma-related challenges

Relationship issues

Sexuality and gender issues

Fear of death

Low resilience

Grief, loss and bereavement

Loneliness and isolation

Family-related struggles

Addiction issues

Migration and relocation challenges

A desire for self-discovery and character development

A yearning for greater  wellbeing

And more!

"There is no greater agony
than bearing an untold story inside of you."
- Maya Angelou -  
A diagnosis of a mental health disorder is not required for these services. 
Brandon especially welcomes those who are not eligible for a mental health care plan.
Rebates for counselling services are available through certain private healthcare funds. 

Some of the benefits of counselling and psychotherapy can include:

  • Empowering yourself for a better tomorrow

  • Refining your sense of self

  • Working through pain, disappointment and loss

  • Improving your ability to communicate and express yourself

  • Developing your confidence

  • Gaining awareness, clarity and direction for your life

  • Reauthoring unhelpful beliefs and ideas that no longer serve you

  • Enriching your relationships

  • Learning to better manage conflict and difference;

  • And more!