As a seasoned, person-centred facilitator who uses an array of cutting-edge methodologies, I am passionate about group facilitation and am skilled at leveraging the collective wisdom and creativity within teams, groups and systems. Through customised design and consultation, I work with you to create and deliver memorable moments of connection, exploration, growth and learning.


This service is relevant to anyone who designs and/or delivers meetings, team retreats, summits, workshops, social events, extended trips and many other forms of gatherings (see below).


I also provide facilitation training for those looking to develop their facilitation skills and capacities.

Experiential Design

As the ways in which we learn continue to evolve, be guided through a learner-centred design process that draws on experiential education to create and deliver engaging, meaningful and relevant programs for your audience.  

Creative Discovery

Think in new ways, dream boldly and move the dial through creative facilitation and experiential engagement. Available for vision building, team development, strategy development, personal growth and more! 

The Magic of Gatherings

Bring focus, intention and a fresh lens to the design and facilitation of important gatherings. Available for seminars, workshops and meetings to leverage the collective wisdom of those around you. 

Retreats and Getaways

Experience the magic that emerges when people gather outside of their daily routines and immerse themselves in new experiences. Allow the art of facilitation to create a memorable experience for you, your team and/or your family! 

Courageous Conversations

Tap into your vulnerability and authenticity to engage in important conversations and to ask critical questions through coaching and facilitation so that the unsaid can be named and so that progress can be achieved.

Journeys of Transformation

Let your mind expand and your heart grow as your travel outside of your comfort zone into the realm of possibilities. Be transformed by the wisdom and experience around you and journey towards a new tomorrow. 

Significant Ceremonies

Mark a special occasion, honour a significant transition or celebrate a milestone through co-designed facilitation as we build a magical memory together. 

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